A Pain in the Neck

Those of you on my FB and Twitter feeds were treated to this pic yesterday.

For over a week now I have been struggling with severe neck pain. I have had two MRIs this week and I await a phone call with my GP about where we go from here.

It’s affecting my left arm and leg too, which scares me a bit (a lot) but me being me, I am trying to just carry on life as normal – cooking today, working this week, errands etc. But I know I need to take it easy. I need to learn how. I do however have lots of chocolate to get me through.

I guess I have turned into a real pain in the neck…. but my menfolk are taking very good care of me. Spare a good thought or two? Thanks.


7 responses to “A Pain in the Neck

  1. refuah sheleimah u’meheirah!

  2. Are you trying to evoke a PTSD flashback for me? I already lived through this once… all right, all right, we still love you. (Haven’t told my girls– they’ll worry!)

  3. I feel for you! As with all the previous posters, please get well soon…

  4. refuah shleimah

    Hadassah, have you changed pillows, or gotten a new one? I’m sure you slept on all sorts when you were traveling. Maybe that moved something out of place.

  5. i hope you all better sister! i can’t say I like this one bit!

  6. Hadassah, have you or your doctor explored the possibility of trigger point therapy? It’s entirely possible that trigger points in your front neck muscles (the SCM and the scalenes) could be setting up a pattern of pain down your whole body that’s affecting your legs.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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