Bracing for the storm of the century

The rain has started pounding at our windows. The kids did not want to go to sleep – they’ve never experienced a hurricane before. Hurricane Irene is on her way and she’s angry!

We’ve brought up almost everything we could from our basement, and made as many preparations and took as many precautions as we can. Orange and Rockland (our electric company) has said that we may be without power for a couple of weeks.

So far we still have power. KoD isn’t too concerned, so I am trying to take a leaf out of his book.

Stay safe everyone!

9 responses to “Bracing for the storm of the century

  1. I am hearing the wind catch up and the rain pounding is nerve wrecking. I feel more nervous than when I was busy preparing for it now.

  2. lady lock and load

    just got a call that the wedding we are invited to is being postponed!

  3. stay safe. I love you.

  4. lady lock and load

    you may want to consider building elevated platforms in your basement to store things. That’s what the people before us did in our house. You are welcome to take a look.

  5. Well, my first hurricane was Rita, but we were on the outer fringes and just saw the outer cloud bands swirling overhead. We lost a tree; a year or two later, that tree came back as two – despite our having had the stump professionally ground out.

    My first REAL hurricane, as in “the eye passed over our house,” was Ike. It was interesting, but nowhere near as interesting as all the hype leading up to it. Oh, I know – that’s easy for me to say – I’m well inland and not about to minimize the impact that storm had on Galveston. It was absolutely devastating for so many.

    The real key is to be prepared and to evacuate early (or to NOT evacuate at all, depending on where you live and how sturdy your home is). Have ready to eat food and water for everyone for a good 72 hours. Water in the tubs so you can flush if the water systems are interrupted. Fresh flashlights/batteries.

    I’m really worried, here – if we had a hurricane now, after this summer drought, we’d have dead trees falling over left and right. We’d have flooding because the ground’s so parched it can’t absorb the rain fast enough.

    You’ll be fine. Make friends with the folks who have a generator – make sure everyone’s got some good books. A week without power gets very boring. But you’ll value fresh water more, and count yourself lucky if the water heater runs on gas.

  6. Yes, Irene is large, but weak. Certainly not the “storm of the century”. I would think Katrina took that title…

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