Daily Archives: August 29, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

So we all know the Staples commercial with Dad flying down the store’s aisles collecting up all the school supplies his kids need for back to school, and the jingle “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” is playing. I love Back to School. The smell of new notebooks, freshly sharpened #2 pencils, undoodled upon binders…… Every year – though I always gripe about cost – I enjoy getting the boys ready to go back to school.

As they get older it seems they need less in the way of specific  stuff, and more in the way of – “make sure they have normal supplies”.

This year, well, I am laid up with this stupid neck thing which precludes me from driving and shopping and zipping down the aisles singing the jingle. I will not be shlepping four very grumpy boys / men around from store to store to get all the things on their lists.

I clicked and bought. Yep. I ordered clothes and supplies for them online – if you follow people like the Kosher Shopaholic and Kosher on a Budget you can really find some great deals. I found that I didn’t spend more than I would have had actually visiting the store – coupon codes saved me a buck or two as well. Perhaps I spent less because there were no impulse buys. AND I didn’t have to hear the whining about going back to school.

I won’t buy them shoes online, so that will be done when they need them – I don’t believe in them having EVERYTHING new for school. In fact, it’s only the two youngest that really need new clothes because they grew like absolute weeds this summer.

We still have the seforim / Jewish texts to deal with – the boys have to go through the bookcases and the boxes in the attic to find what they need. No way I am shlepping up that rickety staircase to see what’s what.

But we are pretty much set otherwise. Squiggy – who had this entry on his supply list “a phillip’s head screwdriver” – has his orientation at his new high school Wednesday night and his first full day on Thursday. Lenny starts on Thursday too, and HockeyFan and ChatterBox start on September 7th.

So looking forward to having structure in our days. Summer time and the easy living leave me a little frazzled – I am such a scheduler.

Now to schedule some time for my neck to feel better.