Thanks FedEx for messing up! Really!

On Sunday during the hurricane I received a phone call from someone I didn’t know. She asked for me by name and told me she had a package for me. FedEx had delivered it to the wrong address. We both have the same house number but live about six blocks from each other. Street names are so totally different, it’s weird how that got mixed up.

So she took the time to find my number, to call me and let me know she had it, and that I can come pick it up at any time. Very decent and honest.

I went over there tonight to pick up my package. We got to talking, as one does. Turns out that her son goes to the same high school as my oldest AND she taught one of KoD’s kids a year or two back! In fact, standing there in her house chit chatting we became firm friends.

So, even though FedEx messed up, I gained a friend.

(What was in the package? Kim Kardashian Perfume – my prize that I won recently from Married My Sugar Daddy‘s blog!)

What do YOU think?

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