They might be a bit excited!

So the first delivery of the school supplies arrived today. Two nice sized boxes from Staples. It could all have fit in one box, but hey…

The boxes sat by the front door all day long. I was working and resting and didn’t really relish the thought of unpacking it all, divvying it up according to lists, and dealing with the mess.

It was driving the kids crazy. They wanted to see what I had bought. Binders and pencils are exciting? Finally, I caved. Squiggy shlepped the boxes upstairs (there was no way he was letting me do it) and we unpacked, took a look, put it all in one box and he carted it down to my office. Not divvying up until it has ALL been delivered. But they were inventorying (is that even a word) every single item. A comment was made, a disclaimer really, that though it is NOT cool to be going back to school, they love the fresh new notebooks – ripe for doodling…. sigh.

The safety scissors I ordered – well, um, they actually sent a pink pair. There was no colour option. Oops. ChatterBox doesn’t mind too much. I think Staples knows me well.

2 responses to “They might be a bit excited!

  1. I’m impressed your guy is okay with pink scissors; he must be very secure in his masculinity! My guy would flip. Methinks they kinda like going back to school, but it’s so not cool to admit it.

    • all the pink-whispering I have done as he sleeps seems to be working…. 😀 until his school buddies will point out to him that real boys don’t cut with pink scissors. Sigh.

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