Daily Archives: September 7, 2011

I’m a Pain in the Neck – Surgery Needed

Well, since I posted about it the other week I haven’t much updated on how my neck pain was. It’s been horrendous and awful and I have been plain miserable. Over the last three weeks the pain has increased, and the numbness and tingling in my left arm just has been getting worse.

Doc sent me for MRIs, prescribed me some meds, and still no improvement.

I visited with two neurosurgeons in the city today- and well, conclusion is that I need surgery. I have a large herniated disk in my neck pressing on my spinal cord which is what is causing me pain and the other symptoms.

So, Monday I get sliced and diced. Tomorrow (Thursday) I get to go do all types of pre-op testing. The surgery that I need is called “Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion” – You can read a very comprehensive article about it here: ACDF.

I am scared out of my wits to go under the knife, but I want this horrible pain to be gone. Hopefully I will be in much much better shape by the time Rosh Hashanna comes around so I can start the new year pain-free.


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