I’m a Pain in the Neck – Surgery Needed

Well, since I posted about it the other week I haven’t much updated on how my neck pain was. It’s been horrendous and awful and I have been plain miserable. Over the last three weeks the pain has increased, and the numbness and tingling in my left arm just has been getting worse.

Doc sent me for MRIs, prescribed me some meds, and still no improvement.

I visited with two neurosurgeons in the city today- and well, conclusion is that I need surgery. I have a large herniated disk in my neck pressing on my spinal cord which is what is causing me pain and the other symptoms.

So, Monday I get sliced and diced. Tomorrow (Thursday) I get to go do all types of pre-op testing. The surgery that I need is called “Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion” – You can read a very comprehensive article about it here: ACDF.

I am scared out of my wits to go under the knife, but I want this horrible pain to be gone. Hopefully I will be in much much better shape by the time Rosh Hashanna comes around so I can start the new year pain-free.

20 responses to “I’m a Pain in the Neck – Surgery Needed

  1. Oy, mamaleh. Wishing you a r’fua shleima!!!!

  2. I felt like I was in the same boat about 10 years ago. Fortunately, the cocktail of meds my orthopedic surgeon tried before trying surgery has worked well enough to avoid surgery to date. But when you get to eyeing the electric carving knife, wondering if you could guillotine yourself with it fast enough – or beg your husband to yank your head off (“Just do it FAST, honey, so I’m not in WORSE pain”) it’s time for the surgery.

    I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. oy. refuah shleimah!!! What’s your Hebrew name? A quick recovery and may it be as painless as possible!

  4. As much fun as surgery isn’t I’m glad you have a cause AND a solution to the problem. I’m sure it’ll go beautifully and that you’ll be pain free soon. I’ll pray that things go smoothly for you & your family.

    As for recovery- take the drugs they give you, pain slows recovery time exponentially. Also, follow their directions to the letter. When you overdo or don’t follow their directions you’ll set yourself back.

  5. A friend of mine underwent a similar surgery a few years ago. The relief he experienced was immediate & massive – he had been rendered unable to walk because the pre-surgery pain was so bad. I hope the surgery, while scary, will do the same in alleviating your pain. Wishing you the best!

  6. You’re gonna be great. All of us are pulling for you. My friend also had this surgery for the same reasons and it went really well. Right after surgery, she had to take it easy but slowly but surely along with some physical therapy and pilates, she got so much better. Her neck and her arm are back to normal and fully functional. She has very little pain every once in a blue moon but nothing that incapacitates her like before. She put off the surgery for months going from doctor to doctor looking for alternatives (so I’ve got a list a mile long I can get you.)

  7. Refuah Shleima! It sounds like you are in good hands. I hope it goes smoothly for you and you usher in the new year in good health.

  8. Hatzlacha with the surgery & I hope the surgeon will be a good Shaliach (messenger) from G-d!

  9. My mother had almost the same surgery last year October. They inserted artificial discs instead of doing the fusion. The surgery site was right on a crease in her neck and you can’t even tell she had it done almost a year later. Refuah Shleima, and I know you’ll be so much happier post-op, but do take the pain medication on schedule, it works better when you’re not actively in pain.

  10. I have nothing constructive to add so I”ll just wish you Refuah Shleima!

  11. Hi Hadassah,

    I am sorry to hear that you have such bad neck pains caused by a discus hernia.

    The thought of the operation must be daunting, but it seems to be the best solution: discal hernia often press on a nerve, and if you do not operate on it quickly, the nerve might get damaged. So even if it is very scary, it is good to be operated early on. I wish you all the best.

  12. Wishing you a Refuah Shelaimah!

  13. Refuah Schleima Hadassah! Feel better soon!

  14. Wishing you a speedy recovery

  15. Wishing you a very speedy recovery Hadassah!

  16. Wishing all the best.

  17. Wishing you a refuah shleimah.

  18. Thanks everyone – we will update when we can from the hospital.

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