Daily Archives: September 8, 2011

Bones Bones Bones

Part of the surgical procedure is to remove my badly behaved exploded disc and to replace it with a bone graft. In the olden days they used to harvest the patient’s bone for this, but it causes a lot more pain that the actual surgery itself. So now they use “donor bone”.

I asked the nurse practitioner if that means that it came from dead people. She said that it’s “from a cadaver”. Doesn’t that sound so much better?

I’m trying not to think about who the “cadaver” was…. but it skeeves me out a little.

I am so looking forward to this surgery being over….


Modesty in the Hospital

A few people have mentioned this topic to me, or asked me what my modesty plans were with my upcoming surgery.

Do I plan to keep my hair covered all the time in the hospital, will I be wearing a hospital gown with my posterior peeking through the back, do I even care about being modest in the hospital?

So here are my thoughts. Of course I will try to keep myself modest at all times. However, I honestly don’t believe that it needs to be my primary concern. I will try to make sure my hair is covered if I have visitors but honestly, if I am in too much pain to care about it, so be it. If I am in that much pain that I don’t care, I won’t want to see anyone anyway.

I know this is different than giving birth, but I remember the first birth. I made sure that my tichel was on my head every second of that 38 hour labour. It didn’t matter that below the waist was uncovered. I spent so much energy making sure it was covered and it was just ridiculous. No one was looking at my head! I soon learned that you leave modesty at the door when giving birth in a busy hospital. There is no way to give birth and keep everything covered at all times.

My health is my priority. Will I try to be modest? Absolutely. Will I allow it to drive me crazy? Absolutely not.

What are your thoughts?