Daily Archives: September 9, 2011

What do I need to bring to the hospital?

I will be in the hospital for less than 36 hours hopefully. My last hospital experience was 9 years ago when I gave birth to ChatterBox and was in a Quebec hospital – socialized medicine is very different. They give you NOTHING.

So, will the hospital provide anything, or do I have to bring basics like toothpaste? What else should I pack other than eyeliner and phone-charger?



We have a kick off time!

Surgery will be at 7.30 am on Monday the 12th.

We have to be at the hospital for 6 am. I am to be un-caffeinated. Surgery shouldn’t take much more than 90 minutes.

Glad to have a time and to know I will be well on the road to recovery in less than 72 hours.

Give up Coffee? Are you nuts?

Here follows an actual text conversation with my girlie Melissa:

Melissa: Just read your last blog post. Word from your sister: give up the C word for the next 6 weeks…. 10:40 AM
Me: why? 10:41 AM
Melissa: Bc you will drive yourself crazy trying. The only control you can have is to follow doctors orders and take your meds…. Not the amt you want 10:44 AM
Me: oh L-rd I thought you meant coffee…. 10:45 AM
Melissa: Oh no hahaha! Coffee away 😉 10:45 AM
Me: I am SOOOO blogging this. Laughing so hard… 10:46 AM

‘Roid Rage

The Doc has put me on prednisone (steroids) before the surgery. He mentioned side effects of moodiness and did say that they could make me psychotic.

My emotions feel like a metronome. One minute I am fine the next I am a big weepy mess, the kids ask me one question and I blow up – and it’s almost like I can see it happening but there is NOTHING I can do to stop myself.

It’s bad enough that I am in pain and cranky from that – regularly cranky Ima they can deal with. But this wild woman? I don’t want to be that person. I know it’s the medication, and I know I need to explain that to the boys. But that’s almost as if I am allowing myself to go off my head because, well, I can’t control it.

Bleargh – I think I am just going to hide away till I am on a lower dose.

Want to place a bet?

I joked about live tweeting my surgery. Well, I will be under anesthetic so unable to tweet. However several interested parties have mentioned that they wonder how long it will be until I tweet / FB etc after surgery.

Now I did verify that there is WiFi (free even) at the hospital, and I can also use my smartphone in certain areas of the hospital.

So – a 90 minute surgery, under general anesthetic. How long will I stay off the interwebz?