Give up Coffee? Are you nuts?

Here follows an actual text conversation with my girlie Melissa:

Melissa: Just read your last blog post. Word from your sister: give up the C word for the next 6 weeks…. 10:40 AM
Me: why? 10:41 AM
Melissa: Bc you will drive yourself crazy trying. The only control you can have is to follow doctors orders and take your meds…. Not the amt you want 10:44 AM
Me: oh L-rd I thought you meant coffee…. 10:45 AM
Melissa: Oh no hahaha! Coffee away 😉 10:45 AM
Me: I am SOOOO blogging this. Laughing so hard… 10:46 AM

13 responses to “Give up Coffee? Are you nuts?

  1. Which “C” word? Are we talking about cadavers again? I am so lost.

  2. LOL …. really.

    (the folks here in the office must think I’m nuts … well, maybe I am:)

  3. What’s harder, Hadassah, giving up coffee or giving up control?

  4. This whole conversation still makes me laugh.
    All the more so b/c it was happening while I was at PT 😉

  5. Such a one track mind, H!
    Refuah Shaleimah- may the surgery be a 100% success and bring you much needed relief.

  6. Coffee, Cadavers, and Control – there is GREAT title for a blog post! LOL

    Fortunately, there’s no reason to give up coffee and the hospital I was in made a pretty decent cup (they even let a good friend bring me an Egg McMuffin the morning after surgery – wasn’t that sweet of them? In ICU, no less.)

    Control? Illusory, but I do think good hospitals understand how important it is for patients to control what little they can, and often go out of their way to provide the smallest illusions of control. You know they’re just doing it to make you feel better, but you cannot help but appreciate the ATTEMPT, if it’s there.

    As for cadavers, well… maybe you and I should start a multi-author blog. We could call it “Skin & Bones.” 🙂

    • Skin & Bones – me likey!!
      I told KoD I need coffee waiting for me the minute I open my eyes after surgery. and every time after that that I wake up. I reckon on 17 cups of coffee before suppertime 😉

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