We have a kick off time!

Surgery will be at 7.30 am on Monday the 12th.

We have to be at the hospital for 6 am. I am to be un-caffeinated. Surgery shouldn’t take much more than 90 minutes.

Glad to have a time and to know I will be well on the road to recovery in less than 72 hours.

6 responses to “We have a kick off time!

  1. Wishing you a Refuah Sheleima and look forward to your blog.

  2. Always good to have an early morning kick-off time if one must arrive “uncaffeinated.” I am looking forward to your first post under the influence of happy drugs and trust everything will go well.

  3. Hoping you have a smooth and speedy recovery. Maybe you can have KoD let us know when all has gone well, be’zrat Hashem.

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