Daily Archives: September 13, 2011

Nurses / Doctors

Just wanted to say that the staff at the hospital (Columbia Presbyterian) were all top notch! Polite, knowledgeable, gentle. I was treated like a person, not as just a patient with a number.

I want to write more about my experience, and that will come with time. But major kudos to everyone at the hospital for their super level of care.

Home Sweet Home

Just got home. Tucked into bed. Going to sleep with no one waking me in five minutes to check my vital signs. Took my painkillers and my steroids. Thanks for the love, folks.

Waiting for doc

Was a very rough night. Pain. Nurses coming in every 5 minutes. Painkillers and steroids. Now we are waiting for the surgeon to check me out and release me. We had the junior surgeons in at 6am – all perky and caffeinated and so darn young.

KoD is on his way with decent coffee, bless him.

I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed without interruptions.

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