Daily Archives: September 19, 2011

Your son’s ADHD is your fault!

I am currently filling out forms for one of my sons to get some extra educational help in school. It’s an intake form that helps the local education authority understand the child, and the household dynamic etc.

I understand that they need a full view of the child and his surroundings and his background in order to adequately assess his specific situation.

However, and I have got bent out of shape on this on many occasions, it burns me that they asked details about the pregnancy and delivery. Did you take drugs when pregnant? Was it a normal delivery? Surprised they don’t ask his APGAR scores which were 9 9 9 ! Am I just being too touchy? Does the pregnancy years and years ago impact the issues a child has now? I had 4 almost identical pregnancies, but only one child is ADHD. Did I drink too much caffeine in that pregnancy (or not enough) or was it just pre-destined anyway for him to be the way he is?

Why do I get so defensive? Why do I feel like I am being judged for his issues? Why do I let a questionnaire tick me off so very much?