Daily Archives: September 25, 2011

Mini Update on Me

My recovery is progressing. I thought I would be back at 100% right now – but my body needs more time to heal. I am taking it easy and allowing my body the time it requires to get back up to crazy energizer bunny speed.

In the next few days I will be posting an account or two of my whole hospital experience – the parts I remember, and the parts I have been told with plenty of commentary interspersed.


Mail Fear

We got a piece of mail the other day. From the hospital where I had my surgery. KoD put it to one side. “It’s a bill” he said “and I really don’t want to know how much they want us to pay right now. I’ll open it when I feel ready.”

I was nosing around his office while I was chit chatting with him later and noticed the envelope. Hold up a second, I said, it’s addressed to me. (Well, duh. I  was the patient!!)

I asked him if he minded if I opened it. I promised I wouldn’t tell him the amount owed. Right. If you know me, you know I couldn’t have kept it to myself.

I opened it, and unfolded the papers with trepidation, looking for that big ominous word – TOTAL. Then I burst out laughing. It was a survey about my hospital stay. Not a word about money owed.

We had a good laugh….. but the next piece of mail from them probably won’t tickle us as much.