Daily Archives: September 28, 2011

…And the best news, post surgery?

As soon as I awoke in the recovery room I realized the pain in my left leg and my left arm was GONE!! Since then there have been a few occasional twinges, but nothing significant.

The doctor warned me that it might be a “false honeymoon” what with the steroids and all the meds injected into the area – that the pain may return as the spinal cord is healing. But so far so good. Baruch Hashem! To me it’s miraculous. To be able to walk well, to use all four limbs equally well – what a bracha, what a gift!

My recovery has been a lot slower than we expected, but I am trying to give myself as much time as I need to heal without rushing things.

I am looking forward to a New Year – full of possibilities and hope.