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Snowed in


We have no power, it’s 57 degrees in the house. Snow outside is melting but there are so many trees and power lines down that getting around is tough.

I just made the kids hot cocoa, and tea for me. At least we have a gas stove. We had coffee this morning, so all is not lost.

I am just hoping that we get the power back soon.

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Appointment for Post-Surgical Consult

We just got back from seeing Dr McC, the awesome surgeon whose fancy fingerwork fashioned me a bionic neck.

He took a look at my X-rays and said everything looks wonderful, in fact, I could be the poster child for this surgery.

I have to arrange to do some physical therapy just to get the neck muscles working as they should again, but this whole “episode” should soon be a thing of the past.

I am allowed to return to the gym! Can I get a w00t w00t??!! However, I was cautioned to take it easy and start back S L O W.  (OK, folks, stop laughing, I do know how to do S L O W). Truth is I am so weak that I have no choice but to take baby steps here. I will start with the elliptical and the bike – just do pure cardio for a week or so, and then start back up with the weights and the machines. Soon I will be bench pressing 250lbs once more. ( snicker). My only restriction for now, according to Doc McC is “no bungee jumping”.

The pain that I am still experiencing will diminish over time, but I am now allowed to take Advil or other NSAIDs which will help me, more so than the tylenol or the percocet have done. Phew!

All in all, thank G-d, it was an excellent visit and I have a clean bill of health from the doctor!

Sweet Genius – Must Watch Tonight!

There is a show on the Food Network called Sweet Genius at 10 pm on Thursdays. The host, Ron Ben Israel (he has a bakeshop in NY that apparently does very arty cakes), gives me the creeps but I love the show.

Why should you watch it TONIGHT? Because Paula Shoyer, author of The Kosher Baker,  is one of the contestants, hoping to show enough sweet genius that she walks away with 10,000 buckaroos. Paula Shoyer is a delightful person (I have met her) and she is an awesome baker. Read what she says about her appearance on the show here. I hope she wins.

Photo from the Food Network

Conversion is Private

I was taught that you never ever out a convert. Even if everyone knows that so-and-so converted, it is a sin to point it out to anyone.

I just received an invitation to a Tea (read: fundraising event for an educational establishment that already gets most of my money and then some) that is being held locally. Of course there is a guest speaker as there usually is.

The minute I saw GIYORES (translation: female convert) I saw red. That’s how you introduce someone? I did google the speaker and her bio is very open about her spiritual journey but yet I find it distasteful that it’s printed on this very pretty invitation.

So, heinous or harmless, folks?

Wednesday’s Wacky Signs

Awesome Contest Looking for a SuperIma!!

From my friends at MetroImma:

While we’ve run contests at Metroimma before, we’ve never had a contest quite like this. We’re staging a nationwide hunt for the Real Metroimma. Whether you’re an entreprenuer, a stay at home mom or a bit of both, you might be the Metroimma we’re searching for!

Do you juggle your kids’ playdates with your conference calls? Do you tweet about your life in between cooking dozens of dishes for Shabbos? If you’re a mom who does it all, you could be The Real Metroimma we’re looking for. Don’t think you fit the bill? Maybe you know someone who does and would like to nominate her to win this coveted title.

To enter, send us a photo and a 300-word essay telling us why you or the person you are nominating should win the title of Real Metroimma. All submissions should be submitted to by November 14th. To vote, please visit our Facebook page to find the Real Metroimma Photo Album and click like on the photo of the Real MI nominee of your choice. The Metroimma with the most likes by December 1st will be announced as the winner on Facebook, Twitter and our homepage and will receive $500 cash, plus other amazing rewards throughout the year that come with the role. There will be additional prizes for three runners up.

Good luck! And may the best Real Metroimma win!

Single women should be allowed to use Mikvah

This article “let single women immerse in mikvah” discusses whether all Israeli mikvahs should allow ANY woman, regardless of marital status, to immerse herself in the holy waters. This all came about because of a divorcee being require to show proof of marriage in order to use the mikvah. One can only assume she had her own reasons for wanting to go – let’s not judge her. (Read the article for more details on the mikvah issue)

Now, we have discussed mikvah many times on this blog and it’s always a lively discussion. I have never been asked to show proof of marriage or Jewishness when going to the mikvah. I know there are some who have, and I find that abhorrent.

If a woman wishes to purify herself – whatever her reasons – shouldn’t she be allowed to do so without having to face an inquisition? But then again, if there is a blanket permission for any woman to use the mikvah, are the rabbis condoning its use by single women who are engaging in premarital sex?

I know many women – not necessarily Orthodox – use the mikvah for commemoration of lifecycle events. Once they have been healed from sickness, after the death of a parent etc. Truly, going to the mikvah after my recent surgery was a deeper spiritual experience than usual.

What do you think? Is it ok to be asked for proof of marriage when entering the mikvah? Or is it out of line?

Modest Dressing – 6

So it’s been a while since I did a Modest Dressing Post and I have been planning to do one for a while. But, since my surgery I haven’t really got dressed much – and there is no way I am doing a Modest Dressing Pajama Edition!! Here we go with our next installment – how to not be a frum frump!! 😉

In my perambulations around the web I came across a company called LayerWear Basics. It’s run by a woman who got fed up of not finding skirts or dresses long enough or with enough coverage, for herself and her four daughters.  These are pieces that are designed to be worn to cover all the parts that modesty dictates need to be covered but in a fun and practical way. These pieces are also designed to be worn with / under regular department store clothing that leaves much to be desired in the modesty department. For example, a really cute sleeveless dress that falls mid thigh could totally be worn over LWB’s dress shown here. You get the fun of the outfit, but stay within modesty guidelines.

LWB sent me a brown pencil skirt (retail value of $35) to review – in fact it arrived in less than 48 hours after I had sent an email to the owner. It’s been sitting in its package since before Rosh Hashannah. I finally got dressed up this morning and decided to wear it. (Dressed up for me means not wearing denim AND wearing hair 😉 )

So here’s the ensemble of the day:

I am wearing a very simple white shell –  I happened to buy mine in Israel for about $10, but many of the frum ladies’ clothing stores have them in all shapes, sizes and colours.

On top of that shell I am wearing an animal print tee shirt that I picked up at Target last spring for $12 – looks great over a black shell too.

Then we come to the skirt. While I love the length of the skirt – it actually does indeed cover and cling to my knees – I found it rather tight and revealing.  Perhaps I should have ordered it in a size bigger – but as it was the waist was gaping at the back. It’s probably better worn with a longer top like a tunic or under a dress that’s just a little past mid-thigh length. Basically anything that covers the posterior! It is versatile though, this skirt, made of a  4-way stretch heavy-weight cotton/lycra, and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it providing I have the right top to go with it.

I wore this with brown flats because I was working today and then spent a few hours running errands which is impossible in high heels, at least for me. But I could totally have dressed it up with heels.

My friends at LWB have a special deal for you, my readers. Type in this coupon code “inthepink” to save you $10 off your purchases – valid until Nov 4 2011. Happy Shopping.

My bionic neck

Had to do some x-rays today as I have my follow up visit with the surgeon at the end of the week, and I peeked at the x-ray disk that they gave me.

So that’s what my neck looks like, huh? The shape that shows through is the titanium they used to keep the bone graft in place. Cool.

Interesting Call

My work line just rang. I didn’t recognize the number. Picked up. It was a credit card company calling with a canned message that they are calling about my credit card. “There are no problems currently with your credit card. It is urgent that you call us back immediately to rectify this situation.”

Oh, really?!!