Daily Archives: October 6, 2011

Policy Shmolicy!

I needed one of my kids to come home earlier today. His younger brother who attends the same school takes the school bus home at 4 pm. I sent in a note asking that the older brother be allowed to take the bus home with him and explained why.

Policy, apparently, is that they do not allow anyone extra on the bus. Period. So now, when there is a bus coming straight past my house with one of my kids on it, I have to shlepp to the school to pick the kids up.

I don’t even understand – is this a liability thing with the bus company? The bus is not full. We pay for this bus with our tax money – can they not help us out?

Argh! I am so frustrated. Frustration is not good for pain relief, let me tell you that.

*Retreating to my hidey hole where everything is all hearts and flowers and there are no yellow school buses in sight!”