Daily Archives: October 9, 2011

The Black Swan

I don’t watch movies a lot – who has the time? But sometimes we will watch something together at home. Movie theaters are expensive and uncomfortable.

So last night we watched the Black Swan. It had awesome reviews, and I love Natalie Portman.

It was dark and twisted, and just left me scratching my head at the end of it – I did not enjoy it, I thought she looked way too skinny, I just didn’t get why there has been so much fuss over it? Oscar worthy? I don’t think so.

Did I love the dancing? Yes. My favorite part was when she was dancing the Black Swan and the feathers appeared to sprout all over her – that was really tremendous.

The mother – ugh!! So controlling – but was she? Or was that just the way Natalie’s character saw her? Or was she just as insane as her daughter?

Did any of you see it? Care to share your thoughts?