The Black Swan

I don’t watch movies a lot – who has the time? But sometimes we will watch something together at home. Movie theaters are expensive and uncomfortable.

So last night we watched the Black Swan. It had awesome reviews, and I love Natalie Portman.

It was dark and twisted, and just left me scratching my head at the end of it – I did not enjoy it, I thought she looked way too skinny, I just didn’t get why there has been so much fuss over it? Oscar worthy? I don’t think so.

Did I love the dancing? Yes. My favorite part was when she was dancing the Black Swan and the feathers appeared to sprout all over her – that was really tremendous.

The mother – ugh!! So controlling – but was she? Or was that just the way Natalie’s character saw her? Or was she just as insane as her daughter?

Did any of you see it? Care to share your thoughts?

11 responses to “The Black Swan

  1. I like Natalie Portman, I like ballet, I like good films. For this film, though, I read about a couple racy scenes, and decided it probably wasn’t something I would enjoy. After your review, I’m glad I passed on this one!

  2. I didn’t see it either & I wasn’t tempted to see it b/c I heard that it was very disturbing film & life can be disturbing enough sometimes without me wanting to watch a disturbing movie too ;)!

  3. “It was dark and twisted, and just left me scratching my head at the end of it”–pretty much describes all Darren Aronofsky films. I was expecting to be scarred and have nightmares like I did after “Requiem for a Dream.” I enjoyed parts of it but I think it’s meant to leave you disturbed.

  4. I didn’t love it. The Spouse did. But in my opinion, Winona Ryder stole the movie.

  5. Considering the film is about the mental collapse of an already troubled ballet dancer, seen through the subject’s own perspective, its bound to be dark, twisted and a little incomprehensible.

    The parts with Winona Rider were pure Sunset Boulevard or hagsaploitation fare; a bit clichéd I felt.

    Overall I thought this was great viewing. Very intense and eerie. Everything in the film has an underlying eeriness and sense of decay, which was far more memorable than the occasional ‘boo!’-style shocks.

  6. i didn’t like the film black swan. i didnt realize that the same director produced requiem for a dream which gave me nightmares for weeks. i found natalie portman’s character to be unsympathetic and whiny. i hated the ending. for anyone who hasn’t seen it, don’t waste your time.

  7. I love ballet and hated the movie. I left during the first half. I found all those bloody close-ups quite unnecessary. The friend I left sitting in the cinema told me that the worst was yet to come. So I was very happy I walked out.

  8. PS: I didn’t find Portman’s acting great.

  9. I thought this post was going to be about economics.

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