Unwritten Husband Rules

One unwritten husband rule in this house, one that I did not agree to, is:

Thou shalt answer thine wife’s question with a question of thine own. From this we extrapolate: husband is not sure what the right answer would be and so therefore isn’t willing to commit to a response and be WRONG.

Does this rule exist in your house? What other rules seem to have ratified themselves?

*Disclaimer. This post is written tongue in cheek and no husbands were harmed in the writing of this post.

4 responses to “Unwritten Husband Rules

  1. My youngest pointed out today that I cook for the first days of Pesach and Sukkkot while my wife does the other chagim. The Pesach part I had noticed, since I just take a vacation day erev Pesach while my wife is usually teaching. Not quite sure why I get the Sukkot cooking since I also put up the sukkah, or why my wife usually gets the other yamim tovim, but I guess it works.

    The husband always gets to answer a question with a question if the wife asks unanswerable questions, the classic one being “Do I look fat in this dress?”

  2. “Does this rule exist in your house? What other rules seem to have ratified themselves?”

    I had to pop over here just to see how many men answered with a question.

  3. That is my husband’s rule for me! He will ask “are you going out tonight?” and I’ll ask “why do you want to know?” or something like that. I’m told to just give a straight answer!
    The other rule is to ask a straight question. For example, if I want him to pick something up from the store on his way home from work, just ask. Don’t say “what’s your schedule looking like?, what time do you think you’re gonna be home? etc.”.

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