Daily Archives: October 18, 2011

Denial needs to end

Another 3 day holiday / shabbat marathon starts tomorrow night. I have no menus planned, no food purchased. I. Just. Can’t. Deal.

Maybe tomorrow I will wake up all energized and organized?

Oh Target, you make me laugh!

I ordered something from Target online and it just arrived now outside my door. (Yes, LT, it was a replacement for the black sweater that had a hole in). On the back of the receipt was this pictorial:

Read it closely

Click the second picture to be able to read the text clearly.

Nice to know someone in corporate management has a sense of humour!

WWYD – Question from a Reader

So, you are playing with your kids in the park in an urban area. You look around you and see the scene depicted in the above picture. (This picture depicts the third floor of an apartment building).

What do you do? Do you yell up to the kids to get back inside? Do you gather up your own children and go hammer on the apartment door to see if there is an adult there and if said adult is aware that there are children dangerously hanging out of a window? Do you call Child Protective Services? Or do you just move on?

Gilad is Home!!

The day that we have been waiting for is here. After five years and 4 months in captivity Gilad Shalit is home.

The joy I feel, the joy that so many feel, is tempered by the high price Israel has paid for his freedom. 1027 Palestinian prisoners were released so we could have our Gilad back.

I pray that in the days and weeks and months to come Gilad has time to heal and become well, and to be reintegrated into the real world. That he has the help he needs to become whole again.

Welcome Home Gilad. Welcome home!