Oh Target, you make me laugh!

I ordered something from Target online and it just arrived now outside my door. (Yes, LT, it was a replacement for the black sweater that had a hole in). On the back of the receipt was this pictorial:

Read it closely

Click the second picture to be able to read the text clearly.

Nice to know someone in corporate management has a sense of humour!

3 responses to “Oh Target, you make me laugh!

  1. wish there were more like this in the world…we all need it.

  2. To all parents out there. The next time ur kids have off, take them to Velocity 17. Its a great indoor amusement park, very enjoyable & not over crowded. The staff at the cashier are very noce & helpful. The place is owned by a Jew.

    Try it, ur kids will thank u (hopefully)

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