Interesting Call

My work line just rang. I didn’t recognize the number. Picked up. It was a credit card company calling with a canned message that they are calling about my credit card. “There are no problems currently with your credit card. It is urgent that you call us back immediately to rectify this situation.”

Oh, really?!!

9 responses to “Interesting Call

  1. I’ve had the same call … it’s urgent for THEM, not for YOU

  2. lady lock and load

    I get this call from them ALL THE TIME! 😦

  3. I have had that one. i think it is an identity theft scam. At least, the couple of times I have agreed to talk to someone and ask what bank they are with they hang up.

  4. I never call back the number they leave. I look at the back of my card and call THAT number instead.

  5. Hahahahahahaha!! Missing part of the canned messag there. Hilarious! It’s a credit “protection” service that–well, let’s just say it’s NOT URGENT, and I would never give particulars even to my own bank over the phone, if I didn’t initiate the call.

  6. Yeah, i also get it all the time & ignore it b/c it’s definitely a scam of sorts..

  7. …the last one I got told me there was a’security hold’ on my cc account.

  8. It sounds like the spam paypal. If there was the number on the phone, give it to the police.

  9. Yes, I have had that call several times lately (usually on my answering machine). I have caller ID, so I see that the calls are from different area codes. They are asking you to listen to how you can lower your interest rate.

    It seems that it doesn’t matter that I am on the Do Not Call list. It is so annoying. Whether it’s a scam or not, I would like some suggestions regarding getting off that call list.

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