Modest Dressing – 6

So it’s been a while since I did a Modest Dressing Post and I have been planning to do one for a while. But, since my surgery I haven’t really got dressed much – and there is no way I am doing a Modest Dressing Pajama Edition!! Here we go with our next installment – how to not be a frum frump!! 😉

In my perambulations around the web I came across a company called LayerWear Basics. It’s run by a woman who got fed up of not finding skirts or dresses long enough or with enough coverage, for herself and her four daughters.  These are pieces that are designed to be worn to cover all the parts that modesty dictates need to be covered but in a fun and practical way. These pieces are also designed to be worn with / under regular department store clothing that leaves much to be desired in the modesty department. For example, a really cute sleeveless dress that falls mid thigh could totally be worn over LWB’s dress shown here. You get the fun of the outfit, but stay within modesty guidelines.

LWB sent me a brown pencil skirt (retail value of $35) to review – in fact it arrived in less than 48 hours after I had sent an email to the owner. It’s been sitting in its package since before Rosh Hashannah. I finally got dressed up this morning and decided to wear it. (Dressed up for me means not wearing denim AND wearing hair 😉 )

So here’s the ensemble of the day:

I am wearing a very simple white shell –  I happened to buy mine in Israel for about $10, but many of the frum ladies’ clothing stores have them in all shapes, sizes and colours.

On top of that shell I am wearing an animal print tee shirt that I picked up at Target last spring for $12 – looks great over a black shell too.

Then we come to the skirt. While I love the length of the skirt – it actually does indeed cover and cling to my knees – I found it rather tight and revealing.  Perhaps I should have ordered it in a size bigger – but as it was the waist was gaping at the back. It’s probably better worn with a longer top like a tunic or under a dress that’s just a little past mid-thigh length. Basically anything that covers the posterior! It is versatile though, this skirt, made of a  4-way stretch heavy-weight cotton/lycra, and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it providing I have the right top to go with it.

I wore this with brown flats because I was working today and then spent a few hours running errands which is impossible in high heels, at least for me. But I could totally have dressed it up with heels.

My friends at LWB have a special deal for you, my readers. Type in this coupon code “inthepink” to save you $10 off your purchases – valid until Nov 4 2011. Happy Shopping.

15 responses to “Modest Dressing – 6

  1. The owner lives in my ‘hood but I’ve never bought anything from her as of yet..I am not a fan of wearing a skirt over another pencil skirt even though I know that it is popular especially among the younger ladies (not the old fogies like myself ;)). I will often wear a 3/4 sleeve shell under a sleeveless/cap sleeve jumper or top which is a fun style & btw, I like the sleeveless leopard top with the shell underneath that you are wearing in the pic! It’s DEF something I would wear too!

  2. You look adorable, as always! You’re right though, you definitely need to be in something that covers your tuchus – the layerwear basics stuff is tight! I wore tunic style tops/dresses over my pencil skirt and tube dress both throughout the chagim and it was perfect.

    • Tunic tops swallow you up if you’e a pear-shape and well, small on top. I find that they only look good on a really skinny women or really big women. My torso is so small, a tunic top is almost a dress especially since I’m so short. No offense, Haddassah, you do not have a big Dominican butt and I think you can get away with this just fine. When all else fails, ask your husband.

  3. I really like pencil skirts, but does this cover your knees when you sit?

  4. Great deal & review! I usually wear these skirts as shells underneath a dress or skirt that I love but is just a tad bit too short for modesty requirements. This way, the tightness is good becuase it doesn’t add extra bulk!
    I will share your coupon code on my FB page – thanks for getting us this deal!
    Shoshana Raff, aka, The Kosher Shopaholic
    (you guys can visit me at

  5. They should have an A-line type skirt/dress. Give some love to those of us who have curves!

  6. When you’re short/pear-shaped, it’s actually better if you wear cropped styles and shirts that do NOT go past your waist and stay ABOVE your hips.

    • Alas, I do have tunic-envy when I see them on body types unlike mine. My mother-in-law keeps buying them for me and I finally showed her what they look like on me (along with a salesgirl who also didn’t believe me since they’re all the rage among frum women) and both their reactions were: “WHAT JUST HAPPENED? IT LOOKS AWFUL!” The former is an apple-shape and the salesgirl was extremely petite and super thin and looked tall–long limbed.

    • Aliza so true! That’s a great styling tip for us pear shaped gals! Hadassa great post! I did one similar with a shell dress. We’re truly lucky to have these layering pieces to make dressing fabulously and modestly much easier!

  7. I really like this outfit on you! I also agree with the other commenters that stretchy skirts are impossible to pull off for pear shapes! (truthfully, it’s probably not the best fabric for skirts on any body type) A tip for pear shapes wishing to wear straight skirts – wear it with an unbuttoned extra-long cardigan/ duster sweater. This way it covers the too-tight skirt but doesn’t give the sausage casing look that an ill-fitting tunic can cause on a pear body shape.

  8. You look beee youuu teeee fullll !

  9. They are lovely but as ever useless as they do not do large sizes. The assumption that if you are larger than a size 14 UK (I think that is a US 10) you want to wear a tent drives me nuts. Even when I was participating in serious sport and training 25 hours a week I was still a UK 18/20 due to my build and proportions. I am having a griping week as I need to but some stuff and nothing I like and consider modest or elegant and know will suit me is available in my size (anything from a UK 20 to 26 depending on style, cloth and cut) in a colour I can bear.

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