Daily Archives: October 27, 2011

Appointment for Post-Surgical Consult

We just got back from seeing Dr McC, the awesome surgeon whose fancy fingerwork fashioned me a bionic neck.

He took a look at my X-rays and said everything looks wonderful, in fact, I could be the poster child for this surgery.

I have to arrange to do some physical therapy just to get the neck muscles working as they should again, but this whole “episode” should soon be a thing of the past.

I am allowed to return to the gym! Can I get a w00t w00t??!! However, I was cautioned to take it easy and start back S L O W.  (OK, folks, stop laughing, I do know how to do S L O W). Truth is I am so weak that I have no choice but to take baby steps here. I will start with the elliptical and the bike – just do pure cardio for a week or so, and then start back up with the weights and the machines. Soon I will be bench pressing 250lbs once more. ( snicker). My only restriction for now, according to Doc McC is “no bungee jumping”.

The pain that I am still experiencing will diminish over time, but I am now allowed to take Advil or other NSAIDs which will help me, more so than the tylenol or the percocet have done. Phew!

All in all, thank G-d, it was an excellent visit and I have a clean bill of health from the doctor!

Sweet Genius – Must Watch Tonight!

There is a show on the Food Network called Sweet Genius at 10 pm on Thursdays. The host, Ron Ben Israel (he has a bakeshop in NY that apparently does very arty cakes), gives me the creeps but I love the show.

Why should you watch it TONIGHT? Because Paula Shoyer, author of The Kosher Baker,  is one of the contestants, hoping to show enough sweet genius that she walks away with 10,000 buckaroos. Paula Shoyer is a delightful person (I have met her) and she is an awesome baker. Read what she says about her appearance on the show here. I hope she wins.

Photo from the Food Network