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Denial needs to end

Another 3 day holiday / shabbat marathon starts tomorrow night. I have no menus planned, no food purchased. I. Just. Can’t. Deal.

Maybe tomorrow I will wake up all energized and organized?

Oh Target, you make me laugh!

I ordered something from Target online and it just arrived now outside my door. (Yes, LT, it was a replacement for the black sweater that had a hole in). On the back of the receipt was this pictorial:

Read it closely

Click the second picture to be able to read the text clearly.

Nice to know someone in corporate management has a sense of humour!

WWYD – Question from a Reader

So, you are playing with your kids in the park in an urban area. You look around you and see the scene depicted in the above picture. (This picture depicts the third floor of an apartment building).

What do you do? Do you yell up to the kids to get back inside? Do you gather up your own children and go hammer on the apartment door to see if there is an adult there and if said adult is aware that there are children dangerously hanging out of a window? Do you call Child Protective Services? Or do you just move on?

Gilad is Home!!

The day that we have been waiting for is here. After five years and 4 months in captivity Gilad Shalit is home.

The joy I feel, the joy that so many feel, is tempered by the high price Israel has paid for his freedom. 1027 Palestinian prisoners were released so we could have our Gilad back.

I pray that in the days and weeks and months to come Gilad has time to heal and become well, and to be reintegrated into the real world. That he has the help he needs to become whole again.

Welcome Home Gilad. Welcome home!

Update from Roni

Remember our recent Heinous or Harmless post? Roni sent me an update:

I decided not to see him again, but the hair covering issue was not the deciding factor. It was definitely an indicator that we were not on the same page hashkafically.

This man was nice, he would have been a great role model for my children in tefillah, kovea itim, and ahavat Eretz Yisrael. However, we did have some fundamental hashkafic differences, and I felt he was not ready to sacrifice some of his idealism and personal comfort to help raise my children (and future children!) in an environment in which I would be comfortable.

The responses to the post were enlightening and there are many points that I disagree with, but I am not going to answer them point by point. I would like to say that when you are a widow, there is a very fundamental difference than a divorcee. In my case, my past relationship didn’t dissolve, fall apart, or end acrimoniously. It ended with love and sacrifice, and a commitment to keep my husband’s memory alive for my children. I am completely dedicated to honoring him and the years and gifts he gave me. Covering my hair falls into that as it honors the fact that I had a wonderful marriage, have wonderful children, and have a different halachik standing than other single women.

BUT I am in NO WAY holding on to him as a person or as a husband. I am ready for a NEW relationship.

Unwritten Husband Rules

One unwritten husband rule in this house, one that I did not agree to, is:

Thou shalt answer thine wife’s question with a question of thine own. From this we extrapolate: husband is not sure what the right answer would be and so therefore isn’t willing to commit to a response and be WRONG.

Does this rule exist in your house? What other rules seem to have ratified themselves?

*Disclaimer. This post is written tongue in cheek and no husbands were harmed in the writing of this post.

Scar Watch – four weeks post-op

I have received several emails asking how bad the scar really is, and if you don’t follow me on FB, you won’t have seen the pic I put up. So, after much thinking about it, I will put it up here. No glitz no glamour, just HSM totally as I usually I am. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be! One more week until I can start with the Vitamin E oils and Mederma.

The Black Swan

I don’t watch movies a lot – who has the time? But sometimes we will watch something together at home. Movie theaters are expensive and uncomfortable.

So last night we watched the Black Swan. It had awesome reviews, and I love Natalie Portman.

It was dark and twisted, and just left me scratching my head at the end of it – I did not enjoy it, I thought she looked way too skinny, I just didn’t get why there has been so much fuss over it? Oscar worthy? I don’t think so.

Did I love the dancing? Yes. My favorite part was when she was dancing the Black Swan and the feathers appeared to sprout all over her – that was really tremendous.

The mother – ugh!! So controlling – but was she? Or was that just the way Natalie’s character saw her? Or was she just as insane as her daughter?

Did any of you see it? Care to share your thoughts?

Policy Shmolicy!

I needed one of my kids to come home earlier today. His younger brother who attends the same school takes the school bus home at 4 pm. I sent in a note asking that the older brother be allowed to take the bus home with him and explained why.

Policy, apparently, is that they do not allow anyone extra on the bus. Period. So now, when there is a bus coming straight past my house with one of my kids on it, I have to shlepp to the school to pick the kids up.

I don’t even understand – is this a liability thing with the bus company? The bus is not full. We pay for this bus with our tax money – can they not help us out?

Argh! I am so frustrated. Frustration is not good for pain relief, let me tell you that.

*Retreating to my hidey hole where everything is all hearts and flowers and there are no yellow school buses in sight!”

Update on My Neck

Well, it’s been three weeks and one day since the surgery. I am back at work, but I am tiring easily. Luckily I work from home, so I can crawl into bed with my laptop if I have to.

My arm and leg are back to normal. My neck pains me still – but more of an annoying pain than a want-to-climb-the-walls type pain.  Right now it’s bothering me a fair bit because I sat at my desk for 5 hours today on the computer and it isn’t happy. I have just relocated to the couch and taken some tylenol.

My scar – well, everyone tells me it doesn’t look that bad, but to me it’s so obvious and so ugly. I cannot start using Mederma or Vitamin E on it for another two weeks. The boys are fascinated with it – when they come in close to stare I feel like a freak at the freak show. Then when they tell their friends that their Ima has a dead guy’s bone in her neck…..oy….

I cannot exercise except for walking – which is driving me crazy. Daily gym visits help me maintain what’s left of my sanity! Soon soon.

Rosh Hashanah was lovely – I actually managed to get to shul for the shofar on the second day. The walk home took me a long time but I was thrilled to have gone. We had so much delicious food brought over – we ate so well.

I am trying to cut down on my caffeine pre-Yom Kippur. People are mentioning caffeine patches and suppositories instead of tapering down…. I am not sure if it’s worth it.

So that’s me in a nutshell…. I think I am off for a snooze. Then more work.