Daily Archives: November 1, 2011

7.46 pm

Power has been restored. Thank God! House is heating up, dishwasher is continuing its cycle from Saturday night, washing machine is already loaded up, kids are showering, phones and laptops are charging, and the KoD and I are jumping for joy.

Thank you O&R for restoring our power.

Eating Dinner by Candlelight

Sunday night we had to use up the Pastrami in the fridge as it was not going to last without further refrigeration. I had a leftover challah too – so it was pastrami sandwiches on my challah.

These pictures (don’t judge me for looking awful) were taken by my oldest son as I prepared supper.

Headlamp - an awesome invention

I think this will be a supper I will remember forever


So as I said in my previous post, the temperature in the house is ridiculously low. But showers are a necessity, especially when you plan to be around people and you like to actually be clean.

But coming out of a hot beautiful rejuvenating shower into a cold cold cold bathroom is not for the faint of heart. Done it a few times now, I have lived to tell the tale, but have no desire to repeat the process.

However. Showering by candlelight – sounds romantic, eh? Let me tell you – not so much. The candlelight was flickering and the shower curtain was billowing and I kept imagining shapes outside of the tub – I could almost see the knife from Psycho coming for me through the shower curtain. As the hot water reacted with the cold air, the air became very steamy, to the point where I really couldn’t see my own feet…. If I would have heard even the slightest sound at that point I probably would have screamed like a girl.

One of my kids was very smart, told me he’d prefer to shower by daylight… I should listen to him.

Is it only Tuesday?

I feel as if I have lived several weeks in the past couple of days. As I wrote the other day we have been without power since Saturday night. It is now almost lunchtime on Tuesday and the latest update has us being restored to full functioning power by Saturday morning. Oh Joy. Not.

This morning the temperature in the house was a frigid 46 degrees Fahrenheit. As of tonight we are no longer braving it, and will be sleeping at a friend’s house – and using their washer / dryer! Oy the laundry that piles up…..

Thankfully our hot water still works (more on that in a subsequent post) and the gas burners are working, so I was able to make oatmeal and coffee and cocoa. Although, with no milk (need power to run fridge) it’s been interesting.

I am just so surprised that none of the local shuls that have power have not opened their doors to the community for free shelter and free suppers etc. Our area has been very hard hit – so many homes without power.

Anyhow, I have internet connection at the library for a little while, so I plan to catch up a bit on my blogging / FB / Twitter and take care of some work emails while I can. The kids have a short school day – no busing as many roads are still blocked with trees and there are still many unattended power lines.

It’s been so stressful. I have been close to tears many times. I went to bed last night with a sore throat, and woke up with a stinking rotten cold, sore throat and very painful neck. I haven’t been sleeping at all well in this cold, and I am just about ready to scream.

Bless all my friends that have offered us warmth and shelter and freezer space. More soon.