Daily Archives: November 3, 2011

Business Email Communication

Questions for those of you who do paid work that requires email communication.

1. How much time do you think you spend on writing and answering emails per day?

2. Does the ebb and flow of email hinder your productivity?

3. What is your email etiquette? Do you check each new message as it comes in or do you check once an hour?



I have found that I remember my dreams when I am sick more so that when I am well. I have a disgusting rotten cold with a face that feels like it’s going to explode – sinuses are not too happy – and a sore throat. So I went to sleep early last night.

My dreams were disjointed, but, this is what I remember.

Squiggy, who in real life has been working on a paper for school, even working by flashlight during the power outage, was refusing to get out of bed to go to school. He was sitting up in his bed working on his paper, and told me that he isn’t shirking his school responsibilities, he is working hard, and his teachers will have to understand that this paper comes first.

I went to the kitchen to ask the KoD to drive him to school (I couldn’t take him because I was worried about making it to Twitter by 9 am!!), but I kept calling the KoD by my ex’s name. Lenny was around and laughing hysterically while rolling on the floor. I kept trying to form KoD’s name, but every single time my ex’s name kept coming out of my mouth. KoD found it amusing. (Side note: I have never ever done this in real life. If I was ever called an ex’s name, I would be far from amused, even if it was by accident).

I just know that today every time I talk to the KoD I am going to be super careful about what I call him, just in case!!

So, anyone care to take a stab at interpreting this? The first part is pretty self explanatory, but the second?