Daily Archives: November 17, 2011

Much vs Many

I have a feeling that I have blogged this before, but it still bugs me. How is it so difficult for kids to differentiate between how many and how much? I do not recall EVER having an issue. But I have been a grammar geek from birth, so it doesn’t count. Many is for something easily quantifiable, and much is for something like sugar or flour that’s made up of an infinite number of small teeny weeny parts.

At what age does this click in to place??

As a side note, one of the teens was talking about his weekend plans over the supper table, said “Friend X, Y and me are going….” – looked at me, rolled his eyes, and rephrased “Friend X, Y and I are going…” and I was so proud. Even if there was no Oxford comma 😉 .


I was driving to the gym today and passed by the local school. I saw a police car pull in to the parking lot there, and briefly wondered what was going on.

Cop gets out, opens the back door, out came a 7th or 8th grader, bookbag on her back, she gave the cop (probably her dad) the stink eye and shuffled off to school.

While my boys would love to get a ride to school in a cop car, it seemed like that for this little girl the embarrassment would never be lived down.

I did see Mr Cop smile after her as she slouched off. Hey, you know, if you miss the bus, you could either walk or have a parent drive you. You don’t get to choose the vehicle!

Nice way to start my day with a smile!