Of flu shots and allergists

So, I have a confession to make. I have been seeing someone. An allergist. He’s really good to me. His goal as he told me early on, was to make me feel good, to make me feel better. Sigh.

I went through a battery of allergy tests a month ago – I resembled a human pin cushion, but the results showed that I was allergic to trees, ragweed, mold, pets, lots of stuff. As if my high decibel level sneezing was not an indication of that! (I sneeze in sevens, I am weird like that).

We started medication and put in to play some of the allergist’s suggestions of making the house as low in allergens as possible, and I am feeling heaps better.

Today was my follow-up, and apparently my nose looks great (from the inside…) Doc Allergist wanted me to have a flu shot. I told him I always get sick from them, no thank you, besides they hurt!! But, it has been years since I had one, and he told me they are improving on it every year, what’s the harm in it? The harm is it’s me getting the flu. But I’d probably get it anyway from the kids – they share all the germs they pick up at school. I hemmed and I hawed, and told him to shoot me up. It’s no longer intramuscular. He didn’t tell me that. There would have been no hemmage or hawage. I don’t like pain. And this shot was a tiny prick. No pain at all.

So, of course, driving home my throat felt scratchy and I was sure my body was starting to ache – I am such a hypochondriac sometimes. I am fine and nothing really hurts, but oh the mind is a powerful thing.

Did you have the shot? Did you get sick from it? Did you have psychosomatic symptoms?

7 responses to “Of flu shots and allergists

  1. I havent taken the flu shot in a number of years. My doc doesnt like it. Instead, he gives the flu nasal spray. he feels it works much better. I thank G-d have never gotten sick from neither the shot nor the spray.

  2. Last year I got the flu shot and then got the flu right away. I brought it up with my doctor this year and she said she really things it is a coincidence since the virus is dead in the shot…. so I took the risk and got it again this year and I didn’t get sick.

  3. I’ve gotten the flu shot every year since its inception, and have never gotten the flu. It’s a dead virus, therefore impossible to get sick from it. I’ve tried every year to explain it to my co-workers (all in the health field), and they never get the shot and always get the flu.

    I rest my case

  4. I always get the shot as early as possible. Never had the flu or had symptoms from the shot.

  5. My brother and sister-in-law got the shot and got the flu. My father didn’t, and didn’t get the flu.
    My advice on this would be to boost your immune system which would help with allergies also – this comes of spending a week at a health farm where I learnt lots about health and nutrition and a month later am eating better, am less tired, skin looks clearer and maybe the best of all, my husband stopped snoring!

  6. two years ago my entire family got sick from the shot. i didnt get the shot and ended up with the flu twice in one year. so last year i got the shot and my arm was sore, muscles were weak, for two months afterwards. the type where i couldnt even lift arm to get dressed. the doctor said “sometimes that just happens” … this year i was beyond nervous to get it, because so many of my friends had bad reactions (fluish symptoms for liek 12 hrs) but i risked it and the nurse told me that maybe they gave the shot too low last year and hit the nerve. B”H no bad reaction this year! just a little arm soreness for the nxt few days. no muscle weakness though!!

  7. Last year my upper arm hurt for a few days and was still a little sore 5 days later. This year it hurt for a few hours and then I didn’t notice anything after that. Even went to the gym for a workout ~7 hours after the shot!

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