Daily Archives: December 8, 2011

Of Sleepless Nights and Flooded Basements

Life is hectic these days – when isn’t it? But I do feel I have been neglecting my blog. Paid work must come first, however. I worked this week, we filmed on Sunday and on Tuesday (so. much. fun) And there were parent teacher conferences this week too. And open houses for high school…. This is practically the first minute I have had free this week, and I am choosing to spend it with you!

Firstly – we set up some awesome Best of Kosher Awards over on my work website. Go on over, nominate and vote for your favorites in each of the ten categories for 2011.

Secondly – this week I was diagnosed with RLS – Restless Legs Syndrome. I haven’t slept well in weeks, every time I get into bed, or even when sitting for longer periods of time (driving too), my legs would start to hurt, ache, feel as if they were itching inside the skin, and I would be filled with the need to move them immediately. Apparently this annoying and painful leg issue has been interrupting my sleep pattern – it’s why I wake up in the morning feeling totally unrested. I finally dragged myself to the doctor, where he confirmed it was RLS, and prescribed a medication. Which I haven’t taken. I want to try alternatives first before I get hooked on a drug that is also used to treat Parkinson’s disease. It has been suggested to me to cut out caffeine (oh the horror), alcohol – that’s easy as I don’t drink, and to wear support hose. Yes, at the age of 38 I am considering wearing support hose – next you will see me in curlers and a housecoat!! Shudder!

Was it raining where you are last night? It was thundering here like crazy. At around 9.30 I went down to the laundry room to empty the dryer. Folded towels, did what I had to do. Said good night to the two teens whose rooms are in the basement, got my hugs and kisses, and got into PJs. 20 minutes later “Ima, KoD, come quick, there’s water in the basement”. I figured it was a little trickle – I had *just* been down there. Torrents of water were flowing into the laundry room, into L’s room, and trickling from there into Squiggy’s room. TORRENTS of muddy dirty water.

I wanted to cry. In fact, I think I did. KoD shlepped out the wet vac and together he and the big boys started to try to clean up. I ran over to friends (threw clothes over the PJs) in the pouring rain to borrow another wet vac and a pump that can attach to a hose and pumps the water out. OMG was that pump a godsend.

Of course, the menfolk wouldn’t really let me help, and both sons at different times told me to go to bed as I wasn’t needed and should try to get some sleep. But how could I go to sleep when they are all up and working hard?! At 1 am I caved. I went upstairs and tried to sleep. RLS wasn’t letting me. I wonder if stress makes it worse? Anyway, the boys shlepped their mattresses upstairs to the living room to sleep, and fell into bed soon after me. KoD packed it in around 2, but went down repeatedly in the night to check on things.

This morning the rush of water had abated, the laundry room concrete floor was dry yet filthy, but the boys’ rooms were squelchy. I hate the feeling of stepping on sodden carpet. We borrowed fans, and KoD wet vacced the carpets – and everything is slowly drying out. Tonight we are all zombies – I managed to squeeze in a nap today – the six am wake up was a killer!!

It’s been a rough week – but I look around me and know that I am blessed. Our oldest, whilst helping KoD with the wet vaccing, said to him “this is a great bonding experience” – wonderful that a 16 year old could see the positive in something that upset me so much.

Anyway, that’s my update. I am so looking forward to Shabbat I cannot even begin to tell you!!

I am going to try not to leave it so long between blog posts in the future, but bear with me.