Daily Archives: December 14, 2011

Easy Shmeezy Latkes

Seriously there is something about hand-grated potatoes for latkes that makes them extra special. And it is as easy to make them as shown. Promise!!

Is a round chanukiah kosher?

Letter from a reader:

My  5 year old daughter made a round chanukiah today, and my husband came home and told me straight away it wasn’t kosher b/c you have to be able to distinguish right from left. I have NEVER heard anything of this sort before–I knew the candles all have to be the same height except for the shamash which needs to be differentiated somehow, but this? (And btw you can still light left-to-right…mostly.)

Anyhoo, b/c it is a little kid I’m not terribly worried about it halakhically, but I am VERY curious as to what others have heard about this…and perhaps other traditions or (possibly?) chumrot.

So, readers, weigh in….