Daily Archives: December 15, 2011

Memory Lane

I had to be in Boro Park today for a meeting, and on my way out of Dodge Brooklyn, I wanted to drive by a place that’s very special to me. I used to spend summers at my late grandparents’ house in BP – and I have such fond memories. I loved them so much, and they helped me be who I am today. I owe them so much.

I haven’t been back there in years, but I thought I would stop by. An homage of a sort, I guess.

It looks similar, yet different. The new owners have put their own mark on it. But standing there, looking at the house, I was so surprised to feel the tears flow. It’s been years since Saba and Savta passed away – but I could feel their presence, their spirit, hovering around those bricks and mortar. It sounds so strange to see that written in black and white. But that’s what I felt. They were not sad tears, just cleansing ones, I guess.

I wanted to knock on the door and go inside but I felt that it would be intrusive so I didn’t. But I feel good that I went, not that I really understand it….

Do you have a similar place that stirs up happy memories for you?