Mothers are mind readers?

I think not. The kids have a snack shelf with all the stuff they take for school. Over time the selection has become a lot healthier, but still it’s not all stuff that the KoD and I eat.

“Ima, why are there no more xyz left?”

Um, probably because when one of you took the last one you left the empty box there on the shelf, leading me to believe that there were still some xyzs left. Or you actually threw away the box without informing the grocery purchaser that there was replenishment needed.

And yes, this is apparently another mother failing. Pass me the bad mommy award….. sigh.

3 responses to “Mothers are mind readers?

  1. i hate it when i discover an empty box of whatever taking up space on our shelf

  2. Your shelf is the top of my fridge! Snack storage space is a commodity in our tiny kitchen. I really believed I was alone on this one. Not only snack foods, but “help yourself” breakfast foods share this unique consumption myth. Did I mention the recycling is strategically located next to the fridge?
    Countless times, I have often wished Johnny Carson was still alive so I could ask Carnac how many empty refrigerated waffle boxes are required before telepathic communication ignites and the mother of the house instantly knows that a waffle purchase is necessary. I know you are very technologically savvy so do you know if bluetooth devices solve this problem?

  3. Leave a little pad on the fridge for shopping lists. If they don’t write it down, they don’t get any.

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