An Oasis of Calm

I don’t know about you but lazy hazy Sundays are a thing of the past. I spend most of my Sundays carpooling my 4 boys to 3 different schools. First carpool is at 7.15 am, last is at 8.30 pm.  On the lightest Sunday, I still have the earliest and the latest to do. There is never a break.

I dream of sleeping in on Sundays (by sleeping in, I mean past 6.30 am). It has happened once or twice, generally when they boys are in Montreal visiting their father.

Today I was up before it was light, by 9 all the kids were at all their various educational establishments and I wanted some time to myself. Time away from the chores that awaited me at home. Laundry and dishes can always wait!

I went to the gym. I left my phone in the car on purpose. I took a book with me, propped it up so I could read while I worked out on the elliptical. I lost myself in the story for a good solid half an hour, was not aware of my surroundings, my legs were moving rhythmically without much thought going into it. It was bliss.

I want to try for a half hour of similar bliss every day – and not necessarily at the gym. Just time to be myself, to be uninterrupted by technology, to just breathe and just BE.

Do you carve out any me-time? How?


6 responses to “An Oasis of Calm

  1. I try to get some exercise is in most days … that’s about it.

  2. Amazing what an hour of me-time can do to rejuvenate your spirits.

  3. HA! you’re kidding, right? my only solitude is sleep and driving to carpool.

  4. lady lock and load

    I took a nap today for an hour and a half.

  5. very hard to do when the kids are still little but so important.

  6. I knit whenever I can, even just a row or two when no one is looking.

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