Daily Archives: February 1, 2012


My son Prince HockeyFan and his class are watching a movie about the Holocaust, called Auschwitz – Inside the Nazi State. He came home and told me he was in the movie. I netflixed it, and took a screenshot.

Looks so much like him, ears and all. Eerie.

Compare to:

Now he wants to find out who this little boy was and if he survived.

WWYD – Text

So in the last couple of days I have received texts from a number that I do not recognize. The first one or two were just “Hi”. Today I got texted “Hey Baby” with a wink emoticon. I know it’s not the KoD. I have no clue who on earth this is.

I don’t want to engage this person in a back and forth – if I text back “who is this” then they know they have my attention. If I ignore it, the texts will keep on coming. I did look up the number on USA 411 and AnyWho and drew a blank.

What would you do? I can ignore it, it IS currently harmless….. but I don’t give out my cell number to anyone. If anything I give out my googlevoice – and these texts are to my cell # not the GV.


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