My son Prince HockeyFan and his class are watching a movie about the Holocaust, called Auschwitz – Inside the Nazi State. He came home and told me he was in the movie. I netflixed it, and took a screenshot.

Looks so much like him, ears and all. Eerie.

Compare to:

Now he wants to find out who this little boy was and if he survived.

8 responses to “Shivers!

  1. lady lock and load

    That really looks like him! It probably makes him really connect to the subject. It is good that the school teaches about the holocaust. I hope the movie was not too awful to give him nightmares.

  2. Did you or his father lose family there?

  3. Hadassah –
    This is where knowing an archivist comes in handy.

    I have attached below a link to a webpage where you can contact Laurence Rees, the man who produced the entire series for the BBC. What I would do is attempt to contact him, explain the situation – make sure you note which episode the photo was in (and even include the screenshots, if possible) and see if he can point you in the right direction as to where that photo came from (there is a HUGE list of archives from which they used material for the series). Hopefully, he can tell you where it came from, but more likely is he will put you in touch with the person(s) who compiled the archived material for use, and they will be able to tell you where it came from.

    At that point (if you can actually get to that point), you would have to follow through directly with the archive holding the photo to get more info on it.

    Good luck.

  4. That’s really haunting.

  5. I find it a very important thing that he finds out, even if it takes him months and years (See the book by Daniel Mendelsohn – The Lost – totally rivetting, but so useful!) He will discover heartbreaking things, but that will be like honoring the memories of those who were lost in this, and giving their souls comfort that we are not forgetting our families.

  6. Perhaps it’s time to teach your son about reincarnation.

  7. Suburban Sweetheart

    Wow. The resemblance is uncanny. I hope he finds out.

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