Deep Sigh

Just got back from Costco. Kept having to remind myself not to buy large quantities of anything that won’t be used up in the next 4.5 weeks. Yes, in 4.5 weeks I will be making my kitchen pesachdik. I have been living with Pesach in my head for a while now – workwise we are always planning months ahead, so the usual Pesach Mental Procrastination didn’t happen this year. (The jury is still out on whether or not that’s a good thing or not!!). Physically I am as unprepared as usual, but this year I have not allowed myself to delay thinking about the P word till after Purim. I am working full time – I need to be organized.

We’re planning a quiet Pesach – the boys won’t be here, so there is less work for me to do food-wise, but still, the house must be cleaned and prepared….

I am aiming this year to be as cool as a cucumber and leave the Pesach stress by the way side. Who’s with me?

7 responses to “Deep Sigh

  1. Some people sell chametz over Pesach and some don’t. We sell it, so it doesn’t matter what remains before Pesach, it just gets packed away with the possibility that we get a chance to purchase it back 8 days later. Of course, bread wouldn’t last so we throw it out or burn it on erev Pesach.

  2. we used to not sell chametz, but I think my marriage would have ended had my husband not agreed with my plea to sell chametz. It really does make things easier…

  3. We also sell some of the chametz. Some isn’t really chametz, just foods not kosher for Pesach. There’s a difference. And if you don’t eat kitniyot and mistakenly buy some, in Israel you can eat it on the Shabbat immediately after Pesach.

  4. Ahhh, Pesach. The joy! My poor twin daughters who year after year are fighting to have a birthday celebration between Purim and Pesach. They seem to miss out each time and this year we are moving the week before Pesach too!

  5. We’re planning already too – and I’m with you on being cool as a cuke about the whole deal. Because this year? We’re moving just a few weeks after Pesach (I haven’t yet decided if that helps or makes it worse) AND going on a honeymoon. Let’s just say I wasn’t the best planner on that one…

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