Kosher Salt Water for Pesach

I have heard through the grapevine, and am still waiting for pictorial proof, that there is a company / person now marketing $2 for 2 oz bottles of Supervised Kosher For Pesach Salt Water for your seder table. Because it is so difficult to make your own salt water? Because there is a need for it? Or because if you make it they will buy it?

Seriously…this is beyond normal. I thought it was bad enough that they sell bedikat chametz kits these days that include ten pre-cut pieces of bread…

If you have seen this saltzvasser – please snap a pic and send it my way.

What do you think about this idea?


19 responses to “Kosher Salt Water for Pesach

  1. I need a bedikat chametz kit because who has a feather??? They can leave out the bread, though.

    Yes, if they think they can make a buck, they will sell it. Post the pic when you get it.

  2. For years I have wanted to sell “Matzo Water” for pesach. Ya’ know, the leftover water from making matzo. It must be holy, someone would pay.

  3. My mother in law (a”h) told a story that she was once elbow deep in Pesach preparations when she called her friend in a panic that she couldn’t find kasher lePesach lemon juice. Apparently her friend had kept a clearer head and responded “have you tried a lemon?”

  4. what abt the prepackaged eruv tavshilin they sell these days? none of this is ok!

  5. Maybe it is special mehadrin bodek salt water?

  6. Mel from Monsey

    After 48 years of marriage and listening to constant complaints from my wife, her dream has come true. The most difficult part of her Pesach preparation has been removed from her list of chores. Now we have more time for the easier chores such as cleaning, Kashering the oven, bringing the dishes up from the basement. Thank you Salzwasser manufacturer. You are a life saver. Maybe it was a Purim joke.

  7. Not looking forward to Pesach. It’s always hard as a vegetarian. And this year’s harder than most.

    I just started a new blog, if you don’t mind some shameless plugging. It’s about dealing with the idea of giving up vegetarianism after 20 years for health reasons.

    Any ideas on how to publicize this? I could use some advice so I’m hoping for some visitors.

    • For Pesach, I think you should eat what you usually eat. And replace all leavened items with unleavened ones. I mean, all veggies are kosher for Pesach! And if you’re Sefardi, you can even eat kitniyot.

      BTW, Jacob, I would like to leave a comment on your blog, but all your comment options require logging in. You need to add an option for name+email as well.

      • Hi Mark

        I do eat lots of veggies on Pesach, but I have a hard time with protein. And with feeling full.

        I wish I was Sefaradi! No legumes for me 😦 . I don’t miss chametz, I miss kitniyot.

        I fixed the commenting issue – thanks for the heads-up.

    • NechamaLeibowitz

      I’ve been a vegetarian since 1998 and for some reason do not find Pesach to be any more difficult as a vegetarian than as a non-vegetarian. Do some internet research and you will find some great recipes out there that are outside the box and promise to be very filling! This year one of our meals will be Persian (zucchini kuku, mirza ghassemi and more) and trust me, very filling! If you eat eggs and nuts you should be fine. Get yourself some Sabra salads (especially the chopped liver), that helps for a quick snack on some matzah or Pesach rolls!

  8. The only thing I can think of is, that its already yom tov/shabbat and I forgot to make the salt water. There are people who don’t make the salt water on the holiday…only before!
    I can see how this would be excellent for people who don’t make lists/disorganized, or, as a ‘just in case’.
    A great idea would be for someone to come out with the entire seder plate made for you – all inclusive. Parsley/potato, wine, matzah, charoset, salt water, zroah – and the plate. This must exist somewhere!
    Yes, I am serious.

    • yes..and beitzah…for those who don’t know how to boil/roast and egg.

    • I have a caterer friend in Jerusalem who has the seder plate on her Pesach menu. Surely some American caterer has thought of this, too!

    • Yes, this is prearranged Seder Plate is availble at Pomegranate Grocery Store on Coney Island in Flatbush, NY. I daresay the other gourmet grocery store in Queens probably has it as well, Aaron’s Kessina? So is the prepared salt water Hadassah is writing about. Pomegranate is a total convenience superstore for anything kosher.
      Also, i LIKE to use the prepackaged bread crumbs for bedikah chametz. They are each individually sealed so no crumbs are left behind and very often by the time we are to do the mitzvah, i don’t have a spare piece of bread lying around to break apart to fullfill the mitzvah.

      Basically, if there is a “need” it will be filled.

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