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Macabee is so Cheesy!!

I have three huge culinary loves. Coffee, Steak and Cheeeeeese!! (not all at the same time). We love cheese in this house. All of us. Even Max the Doggle. He will do tricks for cheese, true story! My friends over at Macabee sent us over a massive amount of cheesey goodness to eat and try out. (And some tee shirts that the boys all wanted but I kept them for myself. Ha!) Truth is though, because we are such cheese fanatics, they are all products that we have had before.

First up was the Macabee Pizza Bagels with Mozzarella Cheese – we usually buy them at Costco. 18 in a box. With four very hungry boys this box doesn’t last long. Previously we have also bought a different brand of pizza bagels, in bulk. I asked the boys to compare the two. Macabee won hands down, 4 on 4, no questions asked. The other ones had been bigger, so I was sure they would pick those. I was assured that these were cheesier and better, and if they have to eat three Macabee pizza bagels instead of two other ones, well then, it’s worth the sacrifice. OK THEN. There was also the box of 6 Cheese Pizza Bagels which were enjoyed – but the boys preferred the ones in the newer packaging. Not sure if they are the same thing just packaged differently, but there it is.

We also were sent two boxes of the Mini Bagel Pizzas, one was whole wheat but we didn’t tell the kids that. Bite sized, perfect, cheesy and just mini versions of their parent Pizza Bagels. Told the kids afterwards which of them had whole wheat and they were surprised. (Did I convert them to whole wheat all the way? Not so much). Perfect snack for after school while they are waiting for a three course meal for supper. (Yeah. I can pretend, right?)

I did not share the Mozzarella Sticks. Certain foods are for Ima only. I cooked up the whole box. I think it was something like 2 sticks per serving, and 6 servings in a box? Yeah, I ate them all in one sitting. With Chili Ketchup. And licked my fingers wanting more. I wish they were bigger – but ooey gooey goodness in every bite.

The eggplant cutlets were the only pareve dish in this cornucopia of deliciousness. The KoD requested that I serve them up for Friday night. I had wanted to make an eggplant parmesan type sandwich with them instead, but I love my husband and did as I was bid. We served them with the first course, with a dollop of tehina on the side. Yummalicious. The size was disappointing though – we wanted bigger pieces! The kids wouldn’t touch it, because it is eggplant and that’s not something that my boys have introduced to their palates yet.

In the interest of full disclosure I did not eat the pizzas that came 3 in a pack. A certain child of mine who shall remain nameless (I’ll give you a clue, he’s male) took them to school for lunch. I had allowed him to take one. The next day he spirited the rest away in his knapsack. How were they, hun? “Um, Ima, I think they were good, but can you get more so I can be sure?” – yeah. Good. Why are teenage boys the masters of understatements?

Overall assessment? We love Macabee. We love pizza bagels. We love cheesey food. Best product in this plethora of cheesiness? According to the boys the Pizza Bagels with Mozzarella Cheese. According to the Mama? The Mozzarella Sticks.

Find Macabee on Facebook, Twitter and at macabeefoods.com. Macabee products are available at your local kosher grocery store and at select Costco stores.

I was not paid for this review, but did receive the products reviewed free of charge.