Can Eggs Be Chametz?

I thought I had heard it all. Then I heard that you cannot buy eggs over Chol Hamoed Pesach because it’s quite possible that the chickens who laid those eggs ate chametz ON Pesach therefore making the eggs chametzdik.

What say you, oh learned folk? Am I wrong in rolling my eyes, or is the eye rollage justified?


5 responses to “Can Eggs Be Chametz?

  1. lady lock and load

    According to Rabbi Blumenkranz, eggs should be purchased before pesach, since chicken feed may contain chometz. A separate pot should be used to boil eggs in the shell. It is customary not to eat eggs that were laid on pesach.
    I know people who don’t eat chicken over pesach because of possible “chometz”.
    I have seen all types of minhagim and I was taught that pesach is a time of chumros. I once was a sedar guest where I was told to not drop the silverware or else they have to put it away. And guess who dropped her fork? OIY!

  2. I also heard about not buying eggs over pesach. You should stock up b/f pesach…

  3. It’s because not only aren’t you allowed to *eat* chametz on Pesach, you also aren’t allowed to *benefit* from chametz in any way. So if the chicken ate chametz which enabled it to lay that egg, you are [indirectly] benefiting from chametz and it is not permitted.

    We just buy 15 or 20 dozen eggs before pesach. Worst comes to worst, we will use them after pesach if any are leftover.

  4. I’m not sure why we haven’t yet seen “Bubble Boy” type suits for Pesach, which would ensure that no one could possibly even consider coming into contact with chametz.

  5. My rabbi (Modern Orthodox) on this:

    There were / are minhagim not to eat unwashed eggs on Pesach out of concern that the eggs may have been washed with chametz chicken feed. I am not aware of a minhag not to buy eggs on Pesach. There is / was a minhag not to buy milk on Pesach for the reason you mention. Of course kosher lPesaach milk is certainly fine. I don’t think these practices are different in the modern orthodox community than in the more right wing community. They are practices that are carried over from European communities. Halachically there are reasons to be lenient on all these practices but many take pesach minhagim very seriously.

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