Daily Archives: March 28, 2012

Pesach In The Good Old Days

Up to my eyeballs in writing about Pesach preparation. Not so much in practicing what I preach. The house is organized and more or less ready, other than the kitchen. But, well, this year it’s just me and the KoD and we will be out for most meals and both sedarim, so why make myself insane, right? I have made Pesach for 17 years. It does get easier and you do realize what is necessary and what isn’t.

Truth be told though, these days with the Pesach prep starting for some the day after Purim, it’s become rather out of hand. I remember growing up, two days before Pesach we did the food / grocery shopping, we turned over the kitchen EREV Pesach, and while that was happening the Pesach dishes were dragged downstairs from the attic.

Food was cooked in time, and there was plenty of it. We didn’t need to start a week before. We sat down to seder happy and thankful and no one was like a wet schmatta.

I feel that these days we are all overachievers. We want the best food and the most choice of mains and sides at the seder, we want everything perfect. Who wants to eat a six course meal at 11 o’clock at night? Keep it simple. And remember, when yomtov is not on Shabbat, you can cook on the day.

Pesach cleaning is just about ridding the house of chametz. It is not about spring cleaning every nook and cranny. Trust me, that crystal chandelier doesn’t have any breadcrumbs in it – and even if it did, by now they’d be burnt to a crisp and inedible.

My message to you, folks, is BREATHE! (Thanks Tanya for the reminder). Enjoy the holiday – don’t make yourselves crazy.