Daily Archives: April 20, 2012

Tzitzit Belts?

Came across this interesting concept, called Tzitzit Belts. For women and men. Now I knew that there are women that wear tallitot – not my thing, but they are more than welcome to do what they want. I have NEVER heard of women wearing tzitzit.

From the site:

The Tzitzit Belt, (patent pending) is a new, innovative garment breaking new ground in Covenant-loyal communities! It’s a modern adaptation of the Tallit Katan but without any of the inconveniences associated with attaching your tzitzyot. Not only is this ideal for women, but we had you ladies in mind when designing it! We didn’t forget about the fellas. We’ve got styles that we think you’ll like as well!  Nothing like this has ever existed until now! The entire family can wear these with any outfit and look good doing it!”