Daily Archives: August 7, 2012

What is she teaching her kids?

I was just with my son at the local mall. I am very dressed down today – denim skirt, flip flops (sorry LT), casual tee, and a headscarf. (Similar to pic). The mall was busy. We walked past people of all types.

This mom and two pre-teen daughters walked very slowly past us, staring and pointing not at all unobtrusively at my head-covering. The mother loudly mentioned to her girls to “look at what that woman has on her head”.

I was flabbergasted. OK, I may look different from them – but to be so obvious in pointing it out? Even my youngest knows how rude this kind of behaviour is.

My son wanted to know why people cannot just accept others the way they are – aren’t we all people? What difference does it make if we look different or dress different, he asked? It gave us plenty to talk about – but I am so ticked off.

Mikvah – Wonderful Explanation

Excellent video explanation on the whys and wherefores of mikvah. Awesome job Jew In The City!

Glad to have been a (small) part of this project!