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7-11 Hot Dogs – Two (Messy) Thumbs Up

We just returned from 7-11 where we ate supper. Yep. The local 7-11 in Monsey has started selling Glatt Kosher hot dogs for their kosher-keeping consumers.

It felt extremely weird to walk into a 7-11 with the express intention of buying hot dogs, almost as if I was doing something wrong. But there are signs everywhere that the kosher hot dog counter is under the rabbinical supervision of Rav Zushe Blech.

My boys, being kids, order plain boring hot dogs (one had a spicy sausage but no condiments) but they said they were great. I ordered the Jerusalem dog which came with chummus, coleslaw, pickle chips & sweet pepper strips. You can choose what type of hot dog – Hot & Spicy, Polish Sausage or Regular. I chose Hot & Spicy.

Four hot dogs, excuse me, four kosher hot dogs – $14.80. Not bad, not bad at all. I can see the kids now asking me not only to shlepp them there for slurpees but for hot dogs too. But they are not the healthiest thing on the planet, so it won’t happen that often.

However, I can definitely see that 7-11 hot dogs will be a positive reinforcement in the boys’ life – keep your room clean, and we can go get hot dogs at 7-11; fold your laundry – hot dogs; good school report…. you get the picture.


El Al Honouring Tickets!!

El Al Ticket Insanity

By now you have all heard, I am sure, about the craziness on Monday of return flights to Israel on El Al being sold for $350 or thereabouts. Insanity!! A crazy reduction, the likes of which had never been seen before. I was feeling very regretful that I didn’t get in on it.

It was a third party mistake – fuel surcharges had not been factored in. A mistake that was not discovered for several hours.

Initially El Al said they would honour the tickets – however, yesterday they backtracked and tweeted that no firm decision has yet been made.

I have seen many holier-than-thou posts saying how dare these people take advantage of a Jewish company, causing them to lose millions of dollars, that it was immoral for anyone to have taken advantage of these prices.

Several of my friends bought tickets. All of them thought it was seat sale of some sort. Not one of them set out to buy tickets to cheat El Al out of money. All the moralizing is making my head hurt. Should we buy nothing on sale because it means the company will lose money? How was anyone supposed to know that these prices were a mistake?

I am sure there are legal issues that El Al needs to work out, I am also sure that El Al cannot afford to lose millions of dollars – a loss that would result if they honoured the thousands of tickets that were purchased during the glitch.

What do you think they should do – to ensure continued customer loyalty AND to safeguard their own bottom line?

Have Daughters Aged 8 – 15?

YALDAH – the magazine for Jewish girls by Jewish girls – has a batmitzvah essay contest. Grand Prize: A beautiful sterling silver key necklace. The winning essay will also be published in YALDAH magazine. A number of “runner-up” essays will be published in the Bat Mitzvah section of www.yaldah.com.

They are looking for an essay 400-700 words from a girl who has either already celebrated her Bat Mitzvah, or is looking forward to celebrating it in the future. The essay should be either a reflection of the importance of becoming a Bat Mitzvah and how it has affected your life, or what you are looking forward to about becoming a Bat Mitzvah and what you expect to learn and gain from the experience.

Click on over to the contest site for more details.

Good Luck!