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I’ve Been Tagged!

Aliza Worthington whom I worship a ton (see what I did there?) tagged me in her post: It Goes to 11. So now, because I have been tagged I have to post rules and answer Aliza’s questions and pick some new victims erm I mean bloggers to answer my 11 questions.

1. What talent do you wish you had?

I wish I could do many things, but I really wish I could draw and sing because then my kids would have the most awesome projects for school AND I wouldn’t make anyone cringe with my shower singing.

2. Who’s your favorite Muppet, and why?

Oscar, because he’s a grouch. I relate.

3. What kind of restaurant would you open, and why?

I always wanted to open a bakery / coffee shop. Because I love to bake and make tummies happy. And coffee? Well, I do like coffee. A little.

4. What’s the first movie that you remember giving you nightmares?

Doctor Who. When we were tiny little kidlets we used to beg my Mum to let us watch Dr Who on a Saturday night, but without fail we would hide behind the sofa every time it got scary. (not a movie, but hey….)

5. What sporting event have you never been to, that you dream of attending?

The Superbowl. I kid I kid. Wimbledon. Would so love to be there at the men’s final.

6. What class did you take in high school or college that you wish you could take again now?

Sewing. I wish I paid more attention so that I could make my own clothes.

7. Country Living or Architectural Digest?

Country Living.

8. What book do you hope your kids never read?

50 Shades of Grey – only because it is written abysmally, so I’ve been told.

9. Ringo Starr. Good drummer or not?

Who? 😉

10. Theme parks – thumbs up or thumbs down?

Thumbs way up. I love roller coasters although according to my boys I scream like a girl!

11. Are any of you still my friend?

I love you, you know that! You are one of my favorite wenches! xoxox

So now, if I have tagged you (go look on FB when I finally get this post up) what you need to do is to answer my eleven questions (down below) on your blog and then tag eleven people to answer 11 questions that you have made up. Understood? Or if you haven’t been tagged, you can answer in the comments, or on your blog if you blog.

1. What’s your favourite type of music?

2. What’s your earliest memory?

3. If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?

4. What one decision in your life do you regret and why?

5. Coffee or Tea?

6. Ideal Vacation?

7. Favourite TV channel and show.

8. What word do you use the most because you love the way it sounds?

9. What would be the title of your autobiography?

10. What language do you wish you spoke?

11. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Today Is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

I have written previously [Miscarriage (Tough Read)] about the miscarriages that I suffered between the births of my 3rd and 4th sons. I don’t often think about the two babies that I lost, but sometimes I wonder what life would have been like had those two babies lived. What would it have been like having at least one daughter, perhaps.

It wasn’t meant to be, and I am accepting of that. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt, but it’s an ache rather than a pain.

I am thankful for my children, my four sons who bring so much life and energy to  our lives.