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Heinous or Harmless – Guest Room

From My Email Inbox. Scenario: You and your spouse are staying at someone’s house for one or two nights and they have a pair of twin beds in the guest room, with a nightstand in between. Question: Would you even … Continue reading

Heinous or Harmless?

Read: Fury at Hasidic dress codes. Do you think store owners have the right to go above and beyond the standard “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”? Or is it totally their call – if they don’t want business from … Continue reading

Heinous or Harmless – Hair Covering and Dating

I have a friend “Roni” who was unfortunately widowed a while ago. She is the mother of young children trying to bring them up as grounded as possible, without a husband at her side. She has finally decided to take … Continue reading

Heinous or Harmless – Parental Nudity

I received an email from a buddy of mine whose girlfriend, let’s call her Sally, challenged him to survey all of his female friends on this scenario…(I have paraphrased some parts of his email but the content is mostly his) … Continue reading

Heinous or Harmless – Using Ex’s Name by Mistake

I am terrible with names. I only have four kids, but I can hardly ever get their names right, even when they are standing right there in front of me. When you have been married for umpteen years, you get … Continue reading

Heinous or Harmless – Sweatshirt

My son catches the school bus at 7.23 to take him to high school. The bus stops outside our house, and he leaves the house a few minutes earlier just in case the bus is early. Today it was a … Continue reading

Heinous or Harmless – Grocery Store

I just got back from doing some of the preShabbat grocery shopping. Slowly I am learning which stores sell what products, and I visit a few different stores to get what we need. This morning I was at Monsey Glatt … Continue reading

Heinous or Harmless – Jewelry

This is an interesting one. I have several friends who have similar issues too. As you know I just recently moved all my stuff down to NY. I was happy to get reacquainted with many things, including my jewelry that … Continue reading

Heinous or Harmless – Affectionate Teacher

Yesterday I saw this tweet: I was asked for my opinion, and have yet to give it. Apparently the children were around seven or eight years old. I am not sure how I feel. What are your thoughts? Is it … Continue reading

Heinous or Harmless – Is there no trust anymore?

I am not naïve by any stretch of the imagination. However, reading through some posts on the forums I visit, I do wonder! So many of the women / men on there snoop on their spouses. They check their emails … Continue reading