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WWYD from the Inbox: Wedding

Dear Hadassah, I received an invitation to my friend’s daughter’s wedding in November. We’d have to travel to get there – but it’s doable. I’d like to go, but I know it’s going to be a crazy expensive wedding with … Continue reading

WWYD – Feelings vs Kashrut

A friend was recently visiting relatives who put out some yummies for kiddush Shabbat day. There were cheeses and chocolates, pastries and cakes – the table was groaning under the weight! My friend happened to walk into the kitchen for … Continue reading

WWYD – Inappropriate Boss

I have been following a conversation on Twitter, and we had a discussion on FB and I bring the issue to you here. A twitter friend is having an issue with her male boss calling her “sweetie” and “cutie”. She … Continue reading

WWYD – Text

So in the last couple of days I have received texts from a number that I do not recognize. The first one or two were just “Hi”. Today I got texted “Hey Baby” with a wink emoticon. I know it’s … Continue reading

WWYD? Letter from a reader

I received this letter from a reader, and it struck a huge chord with me. I don’t know what my answer would be as I can relate with this issue. Please weigh in with your thoughts. My friend’s daughter is … Continue reading

WWYD – Letter from a Reader

What would you do? Read the letter and let us know in the comments. Dear Hadassah, I love my housekeeper. She is my oasis of sanity in a frenetic world. I work full time and have two sons and a … Continue reading

WWYD – Question from a Reader

So, you are playing with your kids in the park in an urban area. You look around you and see the scene depicted in the above picture. (This picture depicts the third floor of an apartment building). What do you … Continue reading

WWYD – non-Shomer Shabbat child at home

Remember this WWYD (child stealing) from last year? The same lady wrote to me to update me and to ask another question. Please give her the benefit of your wisdom. Dear HSM, Many months ago I wrote to you for … Continue reading

WWYD – car pool issue

This happened a while back, but it still rankles. I carpool for each of the boys on Sundays. One of the carpools has a child in it who lives quite far from everyone else, and while everyone in the carpool … Continue reading

WWYD – Gym Peeping Tom

From a reader: Hadassah!  At the kosher gym this morning I saw a VERY chassidic man (long payos, chassidish hat and coat) open the door a crack to peek at the women doing a women’s only Pilates classes. Most of these … Continue reading