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Another Frumster Files WWYD?

This happened to a friend of mine. She was cruising the frum-o-sphere in search of her very own KoD and came across an interesting profile. The guy sounded sweet and sincere, and had many similarities to her ideal Mr Right. … Continue reading

Frumster Files #70856

I received this story by email not too long ago. One day I received an email from a guy on Frumster who had a “password protected photo”, so I did not see his picture. We exchanged several nice emails, then … Continue reading

Frumster Files – why continue

I recently received this email:   Dear Hadassah I really enjoy reading your Frumster posts but I was wondering why you are still writing about dating if you are happily married. I would of thought you would be happy to … Continue reading

Another Frumster Files WWYD?

  The dating world in North American Orthodox Jewry is seemingly very small. With every shidduch (match) suggested you are bound to know someone who knows the family or the person.   Add Frumster (an online dating service)   to the … Continue reading

Frumster Files #78547

Not too long ago I received an email from a guy I had briefly communicated with on Frumster. He told me he had been thinking of me and wanted to just catch up. We just hadn’t gelled in our initial … Continue reading

Frumster Files #78546 – Heinous or Harmless

    While out at dinner the other night I watched a couple that was obviously on a date. You could feel the nerves. It was kind of cute to watch them – he was trying real hard to be … Continue reading

Frumster Files – #78545

  A FaceBook Friend of mine, let’s call him Yitz, put this up as his status update.   Would you date this woman? From Frumster: “This is what I am looking for in a mate: A quirky, thoughtful and sensitive … Continue reading

Frumster Files – Closing Arguments

OK, we all know couples who met on Frumster, got married and live a very happy life together. If I recall correctly Frumster boasts over 1100 matches made (it doesn’t say marriages, it says matches….interesting turn of phrase). I am … Continue reading

Frumster Files #78544

Dear Sweet Naïve little boy,   You and other little men who have barely grown a chest hair take great enjoyment in emailing me, and emailing me often. My polite response that I am not interested seems to have no … Continue reading

Frumster Files #78543

Dear Dude #1,   Let me just tell you a little secret. If you want to date me, or even have a conversation or an email exchange with me, your initial email to me has to be more than 5 … Continue reading