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Dear KoD

When I told you I was feeling blah and blue you listened. You were so sweet and patient! You suggested I go back to my walking, that exercise would make me feel so much better and lift me out of the doldrums. You managed to extract some kind of an assurance from me that I would walk yesterday and as you know I don’t make promises I cannot keep.

Well, I did walk. And I have this to say to you – OW! I walked all the way to Walmart and back. Forty seven minutes each way. In the cold. And I did a little shopping there too. Shlepped stuff back in my backpack. I reckon with traipsing around the store as well, I walked 5 miles. Not too shabby, eh?

You know what is shabby, my KoD? My muscle tone. Why didn’t you warn me to take it slow, and not overdo it my first time walking in a long while? Why didn’t you remind me that if I indeed overdid it that my body would scream at me in agony and decide to never power walk or walk for exercise again? Why didn’t you tell me that my hips would burn as if I had been hula hooping for hours? Why didn’t you tell me that my almost 37 year old body would feel like it was being torn apart?

Yeah, I do have a brain, and I guess I could have (should have?) figured it all out on my own. But I do things to the extreme, that’s just my nature. So, dude, it’s all your fault that I ache today. :p

But you know what, after I bake my challahs today, I am going to go out for another walk. A shorter one, to be sure. Because, dear heart, much as I physically ache, emotionally I did feel better, I did feel lighter. I do feel as if I have more energy today.

So maybe, just maybe, you were….dare I say it…….RIGHT??

Thanks for the push, my love. I will be fighting fit in no time. Off to knead my dough.


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A weighty issue


So I bought hand weights the other week so I could add something more to my workouts. I am beginning to see changes in my biceps, which is awesome! One day hopefully I will have biceps like Lady Diddliedee.


Today, as per KoD’s suggestion, I wore them around my ankles as I puttered around the house doing laundry and dishes and housework. They only weigh a pound and a half each – couldn’t hurt right?


WRONG!! Ouch ouch ouch!! It feels like I am walking through quicksand. I know it means that the muscles are working, but holy guacamole!! The burn!!


But in other awesome news I am able to run up 9 flights of stairs without stopping to catch my breath now. And I did it in heels on Shavuot too! 4 inch heels to boot!


I am so committed to my exercise routine now, I am so motivated to be fit and healthy. KoD showed me the right way to do a sit up and a push up. It’s great that he can do them. I have no stomach muscles for the sit ups YET, and I have a tush that likes to stick up in the air when I try push ups. He made it look so easy (helps when you have awesome muscles in the right places) and his butt didn’t stick up in the air – he even could do the navy push up – with the handclap in the middle?! Very impressive my man is! But my goal is to be able to do sit ups effortlessly by the next time I see him so I can show off. 12 days folks, help me get there…..

Exercise Update

Well, I am really getting into this workout thing. I am enjoying it. I am trying to walk places instead of driving. Yesterday I took 25,000 steps! (so much for Trep’s 10K challenge lol). I have also made a commitment to eat better and to eat regularly. I am a skinny little thing and really not so into food, but with all this burning calories I have to feed the fire.


There are some awesome websites out there that help you keep track of what you eat and how much you exercise and how many calories you consume and burn. The one I have started to use is LiveStrong.Com . If you click on “The Daily Plate” that’s where you can monitor everything. If you have a weight goal it helps you keep track of your progress. It’s really very cool.


I just need a web application that gives me a kick in the patootie at 5 am – it’s very hard getting up when everyone else is sleeping, but I am motivated.


I even made the kids walk more yesterday. We had an appointment and we usually drive there. We walked, they complained bitterly, it took 15 minutes, and then they said it really wasn’t so bad after all. Once they get used to the idea they won’t even notice how much they walk. Kids these days are way too sedentary.


Within the next couple of weeks I am going to start stomach crunches – I don’t want a six pack, I think that looks ugly on women, but after 4 babies my stomach can use some toning. But I am not sure I can do crunches – any tips for the best way to do it without straining one’s back?


I am really feeling good about myself these days, I am more patient with the boys, I have more energy, and I am finally sleeping better. I want to stay with these positive feelings forever, so I will stick to my new routine.